A day with me

leia sfez“Can you tell us what your typical day is?” 

My typical day?

I get up around 6 am, I prepare a ginger juice with apple and kale and then I go jog. Back at home, I prepare a full breakfast for my husband and daughter while my son drinks his bottle. 8:10, time to bring my daughter to school after doing her a pretty braid. On the way, Lire l’article

I moved and I hate Pinterest.


I moved and I hate Pinterest

I’m not used to this new home, new life. I don’t know if we will stay there for long but I do my best to make this place a warm place. I spent hours spoting Pinterest to find inspiration, to find the missing pieces… Pinterest, the network that makes me want to have everything and that makes me feel like I have nothing. This network where you spend weeks to find ideas that you try to do, to actually find something even better, then better and then something else better. Damn, it never stops! Lire l’article

Leeo’s Birth.

leeo birth

Things didn’t go as planned. But the story ends well.

Leeo arrived three weeks in advance. I haven’t had a beautiful and rosy pinky pregnancy. I was very involved in my job and everything was moving too fast.

had to face big adrenaline rush and impossible frights. For example, the fact that I had to rework the entire materials of the collection because my factory let me down, receiving the prototypes two days before a fair and other hazards of everyday life.

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