How a Legging has Changed my Life.

leia sfez

How a legging has changed my life.

I never told you the story, I mean the real one, behind Diapers and Milk.

Everything looks so beautiful and smooth via my Instagram feed. Unfortunately, (and fortunately at the same time!) it wasn’t that easy.

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The story behind my pregnancy

leia sfez

Damn… I’m sorry. Sorry because I’m really really thankful for sending me all your good vibes. I’ve well received them and I never thanked you. So thank you. Your good waves must have really helped : we are expecting a baby boy for February.

You were hundreds to comment on the blog, instagram, email, Skype, iMessage, and even by snail mail… You told me your stories, you’ve comforted me, in short, you’ve touched me. I never thought by writing this article to create such a wave of support.

First of all, I would like to tell you how it happened.

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These things we do but don’t tell to ourselves.


1.Do a bun falsely neglected takes us more time than a complete brushing.

2. It’s impossible to go by a mirror without looking at ourselves. Narcissism when you have your hold on us…

3. We take hours to get ready and then we claim that we woke up like that. Works also for the hashtag #no filter on Instagram : fake: we just used other apps.

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how to make babies?


How to make babies?

[This is not a dramatic post.]

I may have forgotten how to do it, so, I should have learned more about this or buy the full collection of kamasutra maybe ?…

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