No more boobs, but i assume it.

leia sfez

I will not step into the mommy-blog-neurotic-layers-tester BUT I wanted to talk about that. Our body changes after children.

“WHAT?! You’re so thin, you shouldn’t complain!!” Yes, I am quite thin, so thin that I could pass under a door, thank you.

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some real stuffs about me.

leia sfez - real stuff

There are times when I feel compelled to play a role, to be more serious than I am, to be careful to appear as a tidy woman. Just because you have to be like this or like that for everyone.

Sometimes I think that you might think how calm and tidy, I am, I’m sweet and quiet in nature, based on my Instagram feed. So I’m afraid to disappoint people I meet.

Here are some real stuff about me:

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daniel watch - leia sfez

We always talk about children. Our children are super cool ok. But I’d also like to talk about the man I met 6 years ago.

Gary 6 years ago, was the opposite of the ideal man for me. Not very tall, blond, he was wearing a brown bomber (I hate brown) and he had a dozen

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