Leeo’s Birth.

leeo birth

Things didn’t go as planned. But the story ends well.

Leeo arrived three weeks in advance. I haven’t had a beautiful and rosy pinky pregnancy. I was very involved in my job and everything was moving too fast.

had to face big adrenaline rush and impossible frights. For example, the fact that I had to rework the entire materials of the collection because my factory let me down, receiving the prototypes two days before a fair and other hazards of everyday life.

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Some Real Stuff About Me – Part II

Leia sfez

Some real stuff about me. Part II

It was absolutely necessary that I continue this series. For the anecdote, I presented my  AW16 Diapers and Milk collection at Playtime Paris at the end of January. I was pregnant up to the teeth. For the evidence – I gave birth two days later (yes I’ll probably write about it, I know you love gory birthing stories and everything).

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How a Legging has Changed my Life.

leia sfez

How a legging has changed my life.

I never told you the story, I mean the real one, behind Diapers and Milk.

Everything looks so beautiful and smooth via my Instagram feed. Unfortunately, (and fortunately at the same time!) it wasn’t that easy.

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The story behind my pregnancy

leia sfez

Damn… I’m sorry. Sorry because I’m really really thankful for sending me all your good vibes. I’ve well received them and I never thanked you. So thank you. Your good waves must have really helped : we are expecting a baby boy for February.

You were hundreds to comment on the blog, instagram, email, Skype, iMessage, and even by snail mail… You told me your stories, you’ve comforted me, in short, you’ve touched me. I never thought by writing this article to create such a wave of support.

First of all, I would like to tell you how it happened.

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