some real stuffs about me.

leia sfez - real stuff

There are times when I feel compelled to play a role, to be more serious than I am, to be careful to appear as a tidy woman. Just because you have to be like this or like that for everyone.

Sometimes I think that you might think how calm and tidy, I am, I’m sweet and quiet in nature, based on my Instagram feed. So I’m afraid to disappoint people I meet.

Here are some real stuff about me:

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daniel watch - leia sfez

We always talk about children. Our children are super cool ok. But I’d also like to talk about the man I met 6 years ago.

Gary 6 years ago, was the opposite of the ideal man for me. Not very tall, blond, he was wearing a brown bomber (I hate brown) and he had a dozen

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oh business.


Sometimes it’s really cool to be your own boss. Sometimes it is also difficult. Learn to stop working to see my daughter is difficult and finding some time to think about anything other than work and the company is also difficult.

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