A day with me

6 décembre 2016

“Can you tell us what your typical day is?”  My typical day? I get up around 6 am, I prepare a ginger juice with apple and kale and then I go jog. Back at home, I prepare a full breakfast for my husband and daughter while my son drinks his bottle. 8:10, time to bring my […]

Leeo’s Birth.

24 février 2016

Things didn’t go as planned. But the story ends well. Leeo arrived three weeks in advance. I haven’t had a beautiful and rosy pinky pregnancy. I was very involved in my job and everything was moving too fast. I had to face big adrenaline rush and impossible frights. For example, the fact that I had to rework […]

Some Real Stuff About Me – Part II

19 février 2016

  Some real stuff about me. Part II It was absolutely necessary that I continue this series. For the anecdote, I presented my  AW16 Diapers and Milk collection at Playtime Paris at the end of January. I was pregnant up to the teeth. For the evidence – I gave birth two days later (yes I’ll […]

How a Legging has Changed my Life.

13 janvier 2016

How a legging has changed my life. I never told you the story, I mean the real one, behind Diapers and Milk. Everything looks so beautiful and smooth via my Instagram feed. Unfortunately, (and fortunately at the same time!) it wasn’t that easy.