Leeo’s Birth.

24 février 2016

Things didn’t go as planned. But the story ends well. Leeo arrived three weeks in advance. I haven’t had a beautiful and rosy pinky pregnancy. I was very involved in my job and everything was moving too fast. I had to face big adrenaline rush and impossible frights. For example, the fact that I had to rework […]

Some Real Stuff About Me – Part II

19 février 2016

  Some real stuff about me. Part II It was absolutely necessary that I continue this series. For the anecdote, I presented my  AW16 Diapers and Milk collection at Playtime Paris at the end of January. I was pregnant up to the teeth. For the evidence – I gave birth two days later (yes I’ll […]

The story behind my pregnancy

24 novembre 2015

Damn… I’m sorry. Sorry because I’m really really thankful for sending me all your good vibes. I’ve well received them and I never thanked you. So thank you. Your good waves must have really helped : we are expecting a baby boy for February. You were hundreds to comment on the blog, instagram, email, Skype, […]

how to make babies?

14 mars 2015

How to make babies? [This is not a dramatic post.] I may have forgotten how to do it, so, I should have learned more about this or buy the full collection of kamasutra maybe ?…