how to make babies?

14 mars 2015

How to make babies? [This is not a dramatic post.] I may have forgotten how to do it, so, I should have learned more about this or buy the full collection of kamasutra maybe ?…

How to stay calm about copycats.

12 janvier 2015

  How to react to copycats or excessive inspiration? I have asked myself this question. It has been several times also that I see posts on instagram of people complaining being copied

No more boobs, but i assume it.

30 décembre 2014

I will not step into the mommy-blog-neurotic-layers-tester BUT I wanted to talk about that. Our body changes after children. “WHAT?! You’re so thin, you shouldn’t complain!!” Yes, I am quite thin, so thin that I could pass under a door, thank you.

some real stuffs about me.

16 décembre 2014

There are times when I feel compelled to play a role, to be more serious than I am, to be careful to appear as a tidy woman. Just because you have to be like this or like that for everyone. Sometimes I think that you might think how calm and tidy, I am, I’m sweet […]