These things we do but don’t tell to ourselves.


1.Do a bun falsely neglected takes us more time than a complete brushing.

2. It’s impossible to go by a mirror without looking at ourselves. Narcissism when you have your hold on us…

3. We take hours to get ready and then we claim that we woke up like that. Works also for the hashtag #no filter on Instagram : fake: we just used other apps.

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how to make babies?

How to make babies?

[This is not a dramatic post.]

I may have forgotten how to do it, so, I should have learned more about this or buy the full collection of kamasutra maybe ?…

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I’m an unfit mother.

Leia Sfez

I’m an unfit mother.
I used to observe a lot of moms. At daycare, on instagram, in the street, the subway .. I always think that they are very organized, their children going to bed early and never watching TV.

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No more boobs, but i assume it.

leia sfez

I will not step into the mommy-blog-neurotic-layers-tester BUT I wanted to talk about that. Our body changes after children.

“WHAT?! You’re so thin, you shouldn’t complain!!” Yes, I am quite thin, so thin that I could pass under a door, thank you.

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